What Is A Fansign?

UPDATE A fansign is now only required for the Free and Basic Bean packages..

A fansign is a sexy photo of you with the words SLIPPERY BEAN GIRL hand written somewhere on your body. You can write on your breasts, belly, around your privates, on your bum, your legs, arms, face or anywhere else you think would look sexy…

You do not have to be naked or showing ‘anything’, if you are a bit shy. But your photo does have to be sexy!

NOTE: Your fansign is used as your main profile picture.

A Sexy Slippery Bean Girl

Does It Really Matter How Good My Fansign Is?

Absolutely yes, this is the first picture people see of you. We also use it as the main picture for your listing in our The Sexy Slippery Bean Girls Directory and the new sugar-bunnies.com directory. So the better this picture is, the more people will click on it!

Girls with a great, sexy fansign make a lot more money than girls who don’t make an effort with their fansign!

Why Do You Want A Fansign?

The first reason is as one form of ID. It helps prove to others that you really are you, and that you want to sell your sexy photos, naughty videos or even worn panties through our service..

Another reason is that your fansign is used as the main profile picture when we list your new website in our directory.

It also gives guys some reassurance that you are genuine, and that you are selling your own pictures..



Create A Fansign

Do I Have To Show My Face?

Yes, we require you to show your face, and the words SLIPPERY BEAN GIRL hand written on your body!

Are There Any Requirements I Must Stick To?

Only a couple, but they are important.

  • Do not take the picture at night! Ever..
  • Your face must be clearly visible..
  • The words SLIPPERY BEAN GIRL must be clearly visible hand written on your body..
  • The fansign must not be edited in any way using photo editing software..
  • Make sure you smile.. That is the most important thing…


Optional – Video Fansign

If you decide to take a video fansign make sure you use a tripod, or place the camera / webcam on  a flat surface. Use a good quality camera. Low quality web cams or phone camera can NOT be used.

Just introduce your self, flash the words SLIPPERY BEAN GIRL  hand written somewhere on your body, and tell us what you will be using your free website for..

A video fansign should last about 30 seconds and be in good light!

You must still create a photo fansign. The video fansign will be used to promote your website, but it can not be used everywhere..