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Boob Size32A
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KinksSpanked, rough handled, dominant, submissive, tribbing, making him cum with my mouth, hearing dirty talk, squirting
DixieDeluxxx loves being Spanked, rough handled, dominant, submissive, tribbing, making him cum with my mouth, hearing dirty talk, squirting

About Me

I am a busy mom. A petite fireball at 4’10” I am a young lady who needs some extra attention at night. Looking to make some funds to get my kids to a brighter future. I am very outgoing and can talk about ups and downs of life, I won’t judge. I have no participating partner so all videos will be solo play. I’m adventurous and would love to play outdoors for you;) let my knees be weak and my panties be aromatic 😘

*• no returns, discrete, happiness always•*

Email me specific requests or questions and I will do my best to fulfill your wet desires.

I’m open with most things. So jump on the opportunity and spank my inbox;)
[email protected]

I’m Selling My Nude Pics

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Dirty poses, toys, places… let your mind be creative.

Casual reality (3pix)-$15
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Photo Add-ons: up to 3 toys $5

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4 Messages

  1. Reply Jae

    Hi Dixie. I’m willing to send regular pics of myself too, so you know I’m real, but I’m a female looking for 4 specific pictures… It’s a bit of a charade my man has me on and I’m not doing so well on my own so I’d appreciate the help! Will be fairly easy, I promise. Let me know if you’re still selling please!

  2. Reply Kelv


    What sort of fetish pictures have you got. I love girls who play in public places……. The thrill of watching then *nearly* get caught… mmmm

    Let me know…

    • Reply Dixie

      I don’t have any fetish ones persay. Willing to please your delights ;)


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