Nikkieez Is Yours

Boob SizeD
StatusI Prefer Not To Say
Lives InPittsburgh
KinksBDSM, I Love Being Used
Nikkieeez likes BDSM, I Love Being Used

About Me

One day I vibe as dark and cold, the next I look sweet as pie. (;

It’s always a surprise with me.

But one thing you can be sure of is I want you to use me like your slave. I love lose control.

Come and play with me, I love to take requests and make you happy fulfilling your deepest needs.

Hurry up, I’m probably wet already.

I am hard to shock, so tell me what you want from me (;

What I’m Selling

Custom Fansigns

Fansigns for you to cherish.

Price negotiated depending on details (;

Buy My Nudes

You can request any positions, outfits, angles you want. I LOVE to take commands and give you just what you want. It makes me soooooo wet.

My Naughty Videos

Same deal as the pictures (;

My Dirty Knickers

I will model different panties and lingerie from my collection, and you can pick some to have to delivered to your door. You can really bring my pictures and videos to life and feel my whole precense. (;

Other Things I Am Selling

I want to give you what you WANT & NEED. So I want to leave requests very open. Let me know how to please you. I’m here for you to use (;

How To Buy

Send me an e-mail at [email protected] to discuss requests and payment methods (; I accept a few different methods, so I am sure we can work something out (;

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