Slippery Kitten, Eden Selling Her Nude Pics

Boob Size36DD
Lives InToronto
OccupationBeekeeper & Retail Manager
KinksExhibitionism, neck kisses, wearing lingerie… I’m still exploring a lot!
Slippery Kitten

About Me

Why hello there! My name is Eden and I would love to get my bean slippery for you!

I am a 26 year old beekeeper and I love taking sexy selfies when I masturbate, which is how I ended up here (lingerie gets expensive). I also love taking sexy pics when I go on long hikes out into nature. I am exploring my sexual appetite and trying new things, expanding my knowledge of what gets me going as I go.

So far, I know that I love neck kisses, wearing lingerie, and taking sexy selfies in semi-public places where I’m not likely to get caught but could. I’ll update this as I find new things I love!

I’m selling lingerie-selfies/nudes/masturbation pics as well as some of the panties I’ve worn and loved. Check out the rest of my page to see what I have to offer!

What I’m Selling

My Beans are all hosted on SlipperyBean, once I have received payment, you will get the password and link to the bean..


Bean 1) Slippery Saturday Afternoon

This set contains 10 hot and dirty shots of my method of relaxation on a Saturday afternoon… stripping off my lingerie after taking dirty pictures and rubbing my sweet pussy like a horny little kitten. 

Contact me to get access now..

  • $xx For This Gallery (Personal Use Only)..
  • Resale or Transfer Prohibited

Buy My Nudes

My nude sets often include lingerie that I strip off as I go about getting my Bean slippery. Each Bean Gallery will always have at least 20 photos with a starting value of $10 for access, but you can check their individual descriptions for more info.

Once I have received payment I will send you the password and link for the Bean.

My Dirty Knickers

I will wear a pair of my panties, masturbate in them and send them to you in an air tight bag..

If you want to pick out a pair of panties for me, check out my “Other Products and Services” section. Otherwise, your options are as follows:
  • Masturbate once, wear 24 hours: $40
  • Masturbate twice OR wear 48 hours: $60
  • Masturbate thrice & wear 48 hours: $65
Please contact me at [email protected] to set up some panty-soiling just for you!

Other Things I Am Selling

Want to purchase lingerie for me to wear or a sex toy for me to try out?
I have a wishlist on Love Honey and if you are interested in choosing a special item for me from it, I will send you custom photos of me using your gift. If it is panties and you would like them mailed to you that can be included.

You pay for the item and shipping, and I send photos directly to an email address you provide.

Email me directly to set up details and get pricing for this service. 

How To Buy


Firstly contact me via email ( [email protected] ) with the exact details of what you would like:

If you want access to one of my password protected pages, let me know which and I will get back to you to set up payment. I will send the password back within a few hours of getting your payment.

With regards to panties, please let me know what you want and once we set up the details I’ll get to work soiling them for you as soon as possible!

For wish list gifting, please let me know you want to see the list and I will send you the link. From there we will work out details of what you want, what I will provide in return, and the cost and time it will take to complete your order once the shipment has arrived to me.

I accept Email Bank Transfers only. As soon as I have confirmed your payment is in my bank account I will start on your order.

Sample Photos


More Pictures

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      Hi Kev, thanks! I’m glad you visited my page and left a comment! I’ve just started on here and am putting together some private galleries that I’ll put up in a couple of weeks. I hope you’ll check back in then!


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