Did you have an old page or advert listed at Alans Babes (alans-babes.com), to sell your nudes, sextapes and worn panties? Then we have some good news for you.. 

We, here at SlipperyBean were approached recently to see if we were interested in doing a deal to save the website Alan’s Babes. Alan's Babes

We had a look at the business, and as it was very similar to ours we decided to see if we could help out. Both of our websites allowed girls to sell nudes, sell sextapes and even sell worn panties & dirty knickers.. SlipperyBean has just been around the longest, and is still the best :-)

While we can’t save the old website and pages, we can offer free pages to all Alan babes customers. We know some of you have already moved your page here, but for all the girls that haven’t we will be transferring you old page to SlipperyBean very soon.

The delay was caused by legal issues, we wanted to make sure we had the legal right to purchase the pages and transfer them. After having some really, really expensive lawyers look at the Terms and Conditions, over there as well as lots of other legal documents, we finally got the go ahead.

So over the next month, if you had a page with Alans Babes, we will be transferring it to SlipperyBean..

Don’t worry, if your info is out of date or needs changing. You will be able to make any changes you want to your page, including permanently removing it free of charge, for the first month.




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Our sellers always appreciate nice comments, you can upload pictures now, but NO DICK PICS unless the seller requests them..