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Questions About Selling Nudes On SlipperyBean

These are just a few of the questions we get asked regularly about selling nudes, sextapes, and even worn panties and dirty knickers on SlipperyBean.. 

Click or touch a question, below, to see the answer..

If your question is not covered below please contact our team for a quick answer, or leave a comment at the bottom of the page..


What Is The Difference Between Beans & Pages?

Pages advertise what you are selling, including your Beans.. When you create a SlipperyBean Page, you get a number of ‘Beans’ included free.

You don’t need to use the Beans, you can just use the page by itself. Beans are just an extra way for you to make more money 🙂

You can a sample page, using our Beans (and selling directly) right here..


+ You can use a page to sell your nudes, videos and even worn panties etc. 

+ Beans are an extra feature, they are password protected pages that can hold your photos and/or videos.

+ Each Bean can hold between 10 – 100 pictures or between 1 – 10 videos.

+ You can set the password for each Bean individually.

+ When a client pays you (directly – we do not touch a penny of your earnings.) you can send them the password for the Bean they have purchased.



How Should I Price My Beans?

We have found the best way to price a bean is to start of cheap. It is a lot better to sell access to one Bean 1000 times at $10 than it is to sell it once at $100

You can always raise your prices at any time, so don’t worry about starting off too low..



How Many Beans Do I Get?

Our Basic Page Package comes with One Bean included free of charge.

Our Pro Page Package comes with 5 Beans included free of charge.

Extra Beans can be added at any time with a small one of fee of $10 per Bean.

(These costs cover the hosting, protection and streaming of your photos and videos. We do not add anything to your prices and we do not take a cut of your sales ever!)



Are My Pictures Protected?

Yes, your pictures (in Beans) are protected while on our website, using a password you set. Only people you give this password to will be able to access your beans.

You can also licence your pictures for either personal use or commercial use, and even set different prices for each.



Do I have To Use Beans?

Nope, not at all, you can use your page to directly sell your nudes and naughty videos, store them on your own computer and email them to clients yourself.

Our Beans just make it easy and when people can see you actually have products ready to buy, well it increases your sales?

Remember you can also use your page to sell worn panties / dirty knickers and anything else legal..



How Do I Create New Beans?

We have several ways to create a new Bean, the simplest is to email us with your pictures, Bean Name, Description and a secure password. Our team will then set it up for you.

You will receive all the information when you join.



Do You Promote My Page?

We promote all ladies when they first join and again when a new Bean is added.

However you will always be the best promoter of your content.

When you signup to slipperybean your page will get it’s own unique page address, use this page to promote yourself wherever you want. The more you promote it, the more money you make.

Our most successful sellers promote themselves like a real business, everywhere they can.

Create a new Twitter account, Facebook Page and even Tumblr & Google+ accounts. These can be in an alias if you don’t use your real name online!

Our most successful users promote regularly their public page and individual Boxes on other websites, social media channels, and through online networking (chats, communities, etc).

Have a look at our articles about maximising your sales:


Who Can Use SlipperyBean?

Anyone over 18 can use our services. We operate in over 200 countries around the world…

Does SlipperyBean Take A Cut Of My Earnings?

Nope, you keep 100% of any and all money you earn..

You can compare the packages here..

Can I Really Make Money?

Two words….. Sex Sells

Anyone can make money selling nudes, sextapes and panties etc on SlipperyBean. If you treat this like you would any business, you can make a lot of money!

Work hard it will not take long before you are making SERIOUS CASH..

What Can I Sell On SlipperyBean?

You can use your Bean to sell anything you want. As long as it is legal anyway.

You can sell nudes, you can sell sextapes, you can sell your worn panties and dirty knickers..


Help A Girl Out

If you want to add shopping carts and get more creative head over to Help A Girl Out and see their Full Website Package!

Their Full Website package can be used to sell private galleries of your nudes, sextapes and home movies. You can sell your worn panties and dirty knickers, signed posters and anything else you want.

You could sell access per page, or even create a monthly membership site once you have enough content.

You can even install a shopping cart and resell products from amazon or even sex toy re-sellers. You can do whatever you want to do, with their Full Website.

Do I Need To Get Naked To Make Money?

Not at all. You can sell sexy bikini / lingerie type photos. Sexy fancy dress type picture, and even personalized fansign pics.

Some girls do not even use their website for selling sexy pictures or naughty videos. We have quite a few girls that write erotic fiction and naughty diaries etc.

Some girls use their Bean to sell sex toys, and do very well, as a drop shipper..

How Do I Get Paid?

People can pay you however you like. We can help you integrate your choice of payment processor into your new page.

Popular payment methods include Moneygram, Western Union, Direct Bank Transfer, Amazon Gift Certificates or Checks & Cash sent to a P.O Box..

You can ALWAYS ask your customers to pay you however YOU want. You are always in full control.

We do not take any of your earnings all 100% go directly to you.

Once you start making a regular income you can switch to a proper billing solution like ccBill. This gives you much more options including charging monthly membership fees. 

Is This Genuine?

Yes, we are a registered UK business with secure servers in the US, UK, Europe and Asia.

All our websites and account management systems are encrypted using state of the art encryption. Look for the HTTPS secure logo in your browser.

We comply fully with UK law including the Data Protection Act 2000, which governs how we protect and secure users data. We also voluntarily comply with all applicable U.S law including the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and the 18 U.S.C. §2257 governing the keeping of records.

We operate in 202 countries and have support staff in 16 Countries around the globe, providing 24 hour help to our girls.

Can I Remain Anonymous?

Quite simply, yes. While you have to give us your name and billing information, you do not have to give out your real name on your page.

You can even makeup an alias to use on your public profile.


Do I Need To Show My Face?

You do not need to show your face if you do not want to.. It is your choice.

What Is A Fan Sign?

A fansign is a simple picture of you, with our website name, written somewhere on your body.

This photo is used as proof that the photos you are selling actually belong to you and as your main profile picture.

Read more about creating sexy fansigns here

A valid fansign is only required on our Basic Bean Package.

Can I Get A Refund If I Don’t Like It?

No, I am sorry we do not offer refunds. So please only pay for the time you want to use.

We don’t have this policy in place to be mean or nasty.. We build all pages and website by hand, we make sure your page or website can be found in Google & other top search engines, all by hand. As such, our team still need to be paid and we need to keep the bills paid.. 

We can not guarantee you will make money, especially if you supply bad samples, or not enough info etc. This isn’t a get rich quick scheme, successful girls work hard promoting their pages and themselves..

If you wish to pause your account, you can do so, saving your remaining time. But we can not refund payments.

Are There Any Restrictions On Age, Body Size, Shape Or Ethnicity?

Absolutely not, in this business we can honestly say that size, shape, ethnicity and even age, (as long as you are over 18) really do not matter, and can always be turned to your advantage.

We have ladies from 18 to 80 using our services..

What Countries & Currencies Is This Available In?

Our services are available in 202 countries. Right now, we display our prices in GBP (Great British Pounds) and USD (United States Dollars) however you can still checkout, and our payment processors will convert everything to your local currency, just before you pay. Thus enabling you to see our fees in your local currency.

You can set your prices to your local currency.

Do I Need To Provide ID?

Sometimes, depending on your age, ID may be required. Or if we can not perform an automated ID check using the information you provide at signup, we may ask you to supply a copy of your passport or drivers licence.

You can upload this securely and once verified, your ID is not stored online, so it can’t be easily hacked..

Do You Still Have A Question?

If your question is not covered you can leave us a comment below.


Please do not leave personal information in a public comment, as everyone can see. If your question relates to billing, please login to your account and open a support ticket. 



45 Messages

  1. Reply Paul

    I was wondering if there was any money in offerering nude photos and films of a very attractive europene couple ? Both very fit , sexually appealing and very comfortable in the nude

  2. Reply Kierston

    So when making the form and asked to do a fan sign with slippery beam girl and show face . Does this picture with our face go on our bean for people to see or does it remain private?

    • Reply The Bean Team


      You no longer have to show your face, on this picture, but yes it is public, as it is your main profile pictures.

      The Bean Team

  3. Reply Monique

    I have loads of panties I wanna sell. caqn i add all the pictures? what happens when I wanna change things..

    • Reply Bean Team

      Hello Monique

      With our Pro Page, you can add as many photos as you want. You can even change them at any time.

      If you are interested you can use promo code “HALPRICE” to save 50% this week..

      The Bean Team

  4. Reply Shug

    do you have an affiliate program? I just discovered this and I know a ton of other girls who are going to want to get in on this as well and I’d like to cash in on that lol

    • Reply Bean Team

      Hi Shug

      Sorry, we do not have an affiliate program in place right now. It is something being worked on by our dev team and should be in place soon.

      The Bean Team

  5. Reply Beverlry

    Hi, i am just checking to find out if this site is still in business before i sign up to sell nude photos and videos.
    Thank you.

    • Reply Bean Team

      Hello Beverly

      Yes, we are still in business and accepting new members daily. 🙂

      The Bean Team

  6. Reply Saty

    I am ready to sell my girlfriend 200 nude pics, how much will you pay for it

    • Reply Bean Team

      Hi Saty

      Nothing at all lol. She can sell her own pictures, you can’t!

      The Bean Team

  7. Reply Solana Lee

    Hello, I am unable to log into my account. I’ve tried countless times but every time I enter my user name and password, it just takes me back to the same page. Doesn’t even say wrong password or anything like that. Please advise.

    • Reply Bean Team

      Hi Solana

      Have you tried resetting your password? If not please click the Forgotten Password link and reset your password. You should be able to login then.

      If you still have problems, please email [email protected] or open a support ticket, and a member of the team will be happy to help.

      The Bean Team

  8. Reply Ella

    I have tried logging into my account and it will not let me. Also my email is not showing up on my profile for people to contact me. What do I do?

    • Reply Bean Team

      Hi Ella

      Check your email, a member of our team has already replied to you 🙂

      The Bean Team

  9. Reply Alienbabe

    I have my profile up but it will not let me log in to my account. It keeps saying “this page is restricted” and will just take me back to the login page. Please help me, i’ve emailed you as well. Thank you 🙂

    • Reply Bean Team


      Please check your email, a member of our team has already responded to the message you sent us 6 minutes ago 🙂

      The Bean Team

    • Reply Bean Team

      Hello Claire

      Yes, everyone is welcome here 🙂 as long as you are both over 18.

      The Bean Team

    • Reply Bean Team

      Hi Austin

      No problem, head over to here (( JOIN NOW )) and you can create an account, (Full Bean Package) that you can both use.

      The Bean Team

    • Reply Bean Team


      There sure is, have a look at our blog for details.. 🙂

      The Bean Team

    • Reply Bean Team

      Hi Karen

      Just head over to this page, and select the package you want. Hit the START NOW button and create your account. You will be up and running really quick 🙂

      The Bean Team

    • Reply Bean Team

      Hi Amber

      If you are referring to the offer on this page then I am afraid it is officially closed. However we will be running it again, starting next month.

      The new exchange will be 3 month Full Website Bean, in exchange for a video.

      Please let us know if you want to take part. Oh and keep an eye on our blog, as we will be announcing this later today.

      The Bean Team

    • Reply Bean Team

      Hi Teressa

      I have no idea what First Choice is, a quick Google just brings up a travel agent. But you can use any legitimate payment processor. It is your choice 🙂

      The Bean Team

    • Reply Bean Team

      Hi Melly

      There is no fee for not showing your face anymore. It’s upto you if you do, or don’t.. 🙂

      The Bean Team

  10. Reply Jessica Wrabbit

    My page is old and outdated I would like to update it how can I do this please and thank you I do not see a way to login or to change anything I need some info thanks.

    • Reply Bean Team

      Hi Jessica

      Please open a support ticket, a member of our team will be able to advise.


    • Reply Bean Team

      Hello Amy

      No, we don’t touch your earnings, it’s all yours. 🙂


    • Reply Bean Team


      Check your email, all the instructions should have been sent to you.

      If not, please open a support ticket so we can help.


    • Reply Bean Team

      Hi Rosie

      No, we are an online business, all routine communications are via email 🙂


  11. Reply Sade

    Can I be a bean girl if I am turning 18? I have 2 months to go still but really need to make money

    • Reply Bean Team

      Hi Sade

      The LAW is quite clear that you would need to wait until your 18th birthday.



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